Backlash ensues after deputy points gun at motorcyclist


ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Bernalillo County Sherrif’s Department held a press conference Monday addressing the viral video that shows a BCSO deputy pulling a gun on a motorcyclist while traveling down Tramway.

Sherrif Gonzales described the incident, saying about 50 motorcyclists creating an “unsafe driving environment” led to 30-45 calls from concerned citizens.

Responding deputies turned off their sirens and lights, at which point they became surrounded by motorcyclists waving hand signals.

One deputy sped up and aimed a gun at a motorcyclist as a “sign of force.”

The Sheriff said the deputy’s action was in accordance with BCSO’s standard operating procedure.

He played audio of a 911 call from a person describing the motorcycling group as well as a video showing the cyclists driving recklessly.

The Sherrif said detectives were asking the public for information, as they were unable to ID the cyclists involved.

He said detectives are looking to determine the identity of the rider in the pink shirt since “in order to have a crime, you have to have a victim.”

There is currently an internal affairs and criminal investigation into the incident.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – A video captures a Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Deputy pulling a gun on a motorcyclist while both are traveling down Tramway. The video has since gone viral and has sparked an intense backlash against BCSO.

The video taken Saturday afternoon on Tramway near Paseo begins with the motorcyclist stunting on the road doing a wheelie.

“When they behave that way it gives all motorcyclist a bad name and the public looks at all of us as if we’re to blame for that,” said Raymond Gallegos with the New Mexico Motorcycle Rights Organization, who watched the video and shared his thoughts with KRQE News 13.

A deputy riding passenger in a patrol car then pulls alongside the biker and pulls a gun, aiming it at the stunting motorcyclist. The biker does not stop, according to BCSO and they are trying to determine his identity.

“I’ve never witnessed anything like this before. I’m chalking it up as road rage and poor decision making on both parties,” said Gallegos, who expressed concern over the actions of the biker and deputy.

BCSO declined to comment on camera, but did say in a statement deputies had gotten several calls about a group of roughly 50 motorcyclists driving recklessly and aggressively in the Heights.

BCSO goes on to say in the statement that once deputies caught up with the group, some of the motorcyclists surrounded the deputies and threw up gang signs. Out of fear for his safety, the deputy in the video drew his gun.

Along with Gallegos, many on social media condemned and criticized what the biker and deputy both did.

Countless people expressed shock over the deputy pulling his gun out, questioning just how life-threatening the situation was to him. The video has been shared to several social media accounts on several platforms, garnering a lot of conversation.

The NMMRO is calling for an independent investigation into the incident.

BCSO says a thorough investigation will be conducted and that eyewitnesses of the incident are asked to come forward.

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