Why Has the Sky Turned Pink?

Pink Sky by Mercedes Lynn Polanco

(WKRG) — Several News 5 viewers have mentioned they noticed that the sky was especially pink after sunset Sunday as Nate moved north.

After talking with our Chief Meteorologist Alan Sealls, he explained why the color showed in the sky.

“Particles in the atmosphere like dust, pollution, pollen, smoke and even water droplets do tint the sun and moon. Typically when the sun and moon are high, they appear white. The light passes through a thin layer of atmosphere. When they are low in the sky they pass through much more air and that filters the colors to allow the dominant colors of red, orange, and yellow to be more prominent.”

Basically, it’s the sun reflecting off the clouds and rain droplets as the storm moved north.

But it is definitely safe to say that the sun and its sunset Sunday was a nice way to end our very long and stormy weekend.

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