Baldwin County Public Schools to Open Monday

Baldwin County Schools

BALDWIN COUNTY, Ala. (WKRG) — The Baldwin County Public School System plans to open Monday.

BCPSS Superintendent Eddie Tyler released the following statement:

Good afternoon. I hope that all of our Baldwin County families fared well as Nate roared in and out. He didn’t hang around long and I pray any damage that you might have experienced was minimal. I have been on the phone all morning with Frank Boatwright, my Director of Facilities and Maintenance. He and his crew were out early visiting ALL of our schools to assess the condition of the facilities and whether or not power was on.

Our Director of IT Services, Homer Coffman, and his team have also been involved. Both of these men report that our schools came through this storm in very good condition. Several of my staff participated in visiting several of our schools. They report the same. I have also been in touch with Mike Vivar, our Transportation Coordinator. He reports that conditions are favorable for our buses to run tomorrow. Any areas of concern are managed well by our drivers and they can take alternative measures in regards to their routes. The speed of Nate moving in and out of Baldwin County was a good thing.

Our students and teachers are entering the last week of this first nine week grading period. Taking all of these items that I have referenced into consideration, I have determined that All of our schools, central offices, bus shops and maintenance shops will be open Monday (10/9) for business.

These last few months of monster storms, near misses and Nate have tested us all. Living in Baldwin County is like nowhere else – for the most part beautiful weather, a great place to raise a family, great quality of life and an excellent school system! Living here comes with knowing that large – and small –  hurricanes can and do occur. I am glad to say that we have all come through these events in good shape and ready to face the next chapter together.

Take care and my best to everyone.

Eddie Tyler

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