Mobile County to Open Shelters Saturday

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Four emergency shelters will open at 10 a.m. tomorrow morning (Sat., Oct. 7) for residents of Mobile County who do not feel safe staying in their own homes. Residents who live in areas prone to flooding or storm surges and those living in mobile homes take advantage of sheltering in a safe location. One of the shelters is a special needs medical shelter.


Special Medical Needs Shelter (Updated):

Those using the special medical needs shelter at Burn Middle School must have one of the following conditions:


Dependent on oxygen or life support – must bring supplies and equipment

Chemotherapy, Stage 4

Patients must bring:

–    Medicines to last for 72 Hours.

–    Non-perishable dietary foods

–    Clothing

–    Bedding for yourself and caretaker

–    A Care Giver MUST come to the Medical Needs Shelter and stay with the patient.


Pet Shelter:

The SPCA Mobile Pet Shelter will open at 9:00 a.m. and take pets until 3:00 p.m. Saturday:


Location: 620 Zeigler Circle West Mobile, Alabama 36608

Phone: (251) 633-3531 


Pet Shelter procedures and operations:

You may only bring your pet(s) if you are going to a Local Evacuation Shelter in Mobile County.

Bring crates or carriers, collars and leashes, food, medicine, toys and whatever your pet needs.

The Pet shelter closes shortly after the people shelter closes.

All pets left 24 hours after the storm will go to the vet clinic and the owner will be responsible for all boarding fees.




Citizens are advised to evacuate from coastal, low lying, and flood prone areas to higher ground and a safer area. Also citizens in sub-standard or manufactured housing should evacuate to a safer structure and out of any flood prone areas.


The shelters are:

Collins-Rhodes Elementary School

5110 St. Stephens Rd.

Eight Mile


Theodore High School

6201 Swedletown Rd



Residents are reminded to bring:



Sleeping bags or blankets

Extra clothing

Lightweight folding chairs or cots

Personal items including books and toys

A radio with personal earphones

Infant necessities

Important papers, including insurance documents

A valid ID

Cash (secured)

Cell phone (charged)


Prohibited items include:

Alcoholic beverages


Tobacco products


Any Mobile County Resident needing a ride to a local shelter:  

If you are in the service area of the Wave Transit use a transit bus from your regular stop and let the Wave Driver know that you need to go to a Shelter. The Wave will transfer you to a bus that will take you to the local shelter.


If you are outside of the Wave Transit Area call the following number

(251) 460-8034/8037 for a ride that will be provided by a Mobile County Public School bus to a local shelter


If you need special assistance or a bus/van with a wheelchair lift call Wave Transit at

(251) 344-5656 or (251) 344-6600. If you are going to the special medical needs shelter you will also need to bring a care giver with you the drive to the shelter and to stay with you at the shelter.


Shelters are for Mobile Residents with no other option for shelter or evacuation.

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