LIVE Traffic Blog

6:35 A.M. – It’s a good look to start off your Friday morning on the bayway and Causeway. No major accidents or delays as traffic volume is pretty steady. Looking good through both tunnels as well. We have had an accident pop up in the downtown area at 11 North Water Street right in front of the RSA Tower. It’s just a fender bender though, Mobile police on the scene. That’s the only accident to let you know about right now. I-10 to I-65 looks good. No problems right now throughout Baldwin County and no new trouble spots according to Pensacola Police or Florida Highway Patrol on the Panhandle.

6:10 A.M. –  Our Friday morning commute continues to be a good one on the bayway and Causeway, both directions flowing along freely with light to medium traffic volume. Moving along nicely through both tunnels as well. In Mobile both Mobile police and Alabama Highway Patrol reporting no accidents at the moment. We’re looking good along I-65. No problems around Baldwin County.  All the earlier trouble spots on the Panhandle have been cleared; no new accident according to Florida Highway Patrol.

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