Emergency officials want Floridians to be prepared for storm

PENSACOLA, Fla. (WKRG) — Emergency officials in northwest Florida say do not wait until the last minute to prepare for the potentials storm.

Governor Rick Scott held a press conference Friday at the Emergency Operations Center in Pensacola. He says people need to have three days of food plus all medication already prepared.

Scott says if you’re in an evacuation zone, you need to evacuate. He also wants to remind people not to drive on flooded roadways.

“Everybody here is one hundred percent focused on safety,” Scott said. “You have to be a participant. You’ve got to listen, and don’t expect in the middle of a storm someone can come and save you. They can’t. It’s too dangerous.”

Escambia County Sheriff David Morgan says if winds speed hits forty miles per hour, the bridges will close.

“If you’re in a location and you decide to evacuate and our winds are at that level then you’re not going to get across the bridge,” Morgan said.

Pensacola Mayor Ashton Hayward says our area got luck with Hurricane Irma but things could be different this time.

He says there will be help available if residents need it.

“You can call 311 which is the City of Pensacola’s line for any kind of information,” Hayward said. “211 with the United Way is very important. And if there’s an emergency obviously folks know what to do but facilities will be available when it’s time for that.”

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