Student Facing Felony Charges for Social Media Threats, Attempting to Frame Another Student

UPDATE 10/11 — 15-year-old Brandon Lee Hawkins has been arrested Wednesday in connection with the social media threats made last week, according to the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office.

According to the SRSO, Hawkins will face two counts of second-degree felony intimidation/write send a threat to kill or injure charges and one count of second-degree misdemeanor disturbing peace/interfere with school/admin function.

NAVARRE, FL (WKRG) — Deputies in Santa Rosa County have arrested a student accused of making threats to “f—king shoot up the school” on social media.

According to the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office, the student, who is not being identified, created an account under a fellow students name on Wednesday to make the threats of a shooting at Navarre High School. Investigators worked overnight to track down the actual author of the posts before the targeted date of the supposed shooting, which was said in the post to be Friday.

The post, which News 5 has obtained, contains violent and graphic threats:

“I will f–king shoot up the school if you don’t respond
Don’t go to school Friday(:
I’m going to shoot [student’s name] first
Keep ss I’ll just find out your close freinds and shoot them
Who are they
Bet i will
I’m going to shoot yo ugly ass first..”

The posts appear to have been sent on Snapchat and/or Instagram through direct messages.

The student was questioned by authorities, but has not been officially arrested.  The student is facing felony charges, along with school-related discipline such as a suspension or alternate schooling.

“Threats over social media are taken very seriously,” said the sheriff’s office.  “Unfortunately for those who decide to commit these crimes, they leave an obvious digital trail for investigators to follow.”

Navarre High School is located in Santa Rosa County in Navarre, Florida.  The identity of the student will not be released due to age.

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