Mobile County EMA Prepares for TS Nate

MOBILE, Ala (WKRG) — Mobile County Emergency Management Agency is monitoring the latest weather data for Tropical Storm Nate. News 5 spoke with John Kilcullen who is the director of plans and operations.

Kilcullen says decisions will start being made most likely tomorrow on whether or not shelters need to be opened or any if any evacuations need to take place. Kilcullen says the EMA office monitoring the data to make the proper decisions to keep Mobile County residents safe.

Kilcullen says now is the time to make sure you have the storm supplies you need and a plan in place.

News 5 checked with shoppers at Sam’s club on East interstate 65. Insurance agent, Emily Holley was purchasing extra cases of water. She tells News 5 she has been getting calls from many of her clients and is taking the storm seriously, “Even though I’m not from Mobile, the rule is we’re going to follow the true Moblilians, and if they are concerned, then I get concerned.”

News 5 also checked with local hardware stores on storm supplies. A sales associate from the lows off East Interstate 65 service road says portable generators have been a major seller. The sales associate said, at most hardware and home improvement stores,  electric generators start in the $350 range. These generators are good for only powering a few necessities like your refrigerator and electric stove.

Portable generators in the $550 – $700 range can power a little more. You should be able to power your refrigerator, electric stove, ac unit, and possibly your television.

Portable generators in the $800 – $1,000 dollar range should be able to power an entire modern day, standard house.



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