LIVE Traffic Blog

6:55 A.M.-We have an accident on the bay-way headed to the Eastern Shore from Mobile about a mile past the Battleship Parkway exit. the right-hand Lane and the right-hand emergency Lane is blocked with his two to three vehicle accident. The left hand lane is the one that’s open so if you’re starting to go across the bay way trying to get to the Eastern Shore. Emergency vehicles have yet to be on the scene there but might want to use the causeway at the Battleship Parkway exit to get through. No trouble spots in Mobile and no accidents right now in Pensacola according to Pensacola Police 

6:35 A.M.-Our Thursday morning commute continues to roll along nicely both directions on the Bayway on Causeway and no problems through either of the tunnels. In Mobile there was an accident Nan Gray Davis there at Theodore Dawes Road. Mobile police on the scene trying to get that cleared. No problems still coming down I-65 we’re looking good throughout downtown mobile. No problem through Baldwin County. Florida Highway Patrol still on the scene of that accident Highway 29 at Muskogee Road but no accidents in Pensacola. 

6:10 A.M.-It’s been a good start to your Thursday morning commute as travel on the Bayway and Causeway continues to roll along pretty well. We’re starting to see a little pick up there and the Westbound Lanes as far as traffic volume goes but it’s the time of the morning for that. No problems right now through either of the tunnels. We had an earlier accident Government Street near the I-65 Service Road, Mobile police was able to get that cleared. No new trouble spots in Mobile.  Florida Highway Patrol on the scene of an accident Highway 29 and Muscogee Road north of Pensacola.  Pensacola police report since they’re working.

5:55 A.M.-As our early Thursday morning commute continues unfold, we continue to look good on the Bayway and Causeway so far this morning with no complaints.  Looking good through both tunnels as well.   Mobile Police still on the scene of an earlier accident Westbound Government there between Satchel Paige drive and East I-65 Service Road. One lane continues to be blocked.  That’s the only accident in the Mobile area. Alabama Highway Patrol reports no accidents and we’re looking good through Baldwin County and no issues on the Panhandle.

5:35 A.M.-Our Thursday morning commute on the Bayway and Causeway has begun well. Problem-free both directions and no issues through either of the tunnels. Mobile police on the scene of an accident westbound government there between East I-65 Service Road and Satchel Paige drive. One lane is blocked so you use some caution in that area. No more delay as they finish up that overnight construction on I-65 northbound near 165 and no problems right now in Baldwin County or on the Panhandle .  

5:06 A.M.-Our first check of traffic here on this early Thursday reveals traffic is running smoothly right now both directions to the Bayway and Causeway. No issues through either of the tunnels. No accidents in Mobile according to Mobile Police or Alabama Highway Patrol. Overnight construction though where it’s been repaving there I-65 Northbound from I165 up towards the Chickasaw exit. We’re seeing a little delay there for a little bit longer.  But we’re moving along nicely on the Panhandle and no problems through Baldwin County.

Reports from News 5’s Traffic Reporter, Kenny Fowler.

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