Hayley’s Helpful Hurricane Hacks: Outsmart the Storm

(WKRG) — We all know how great the Gulf Coast is.  Since the last hurricane in our community, lots of new people have figured out how great it is and put down their own roots here.

If you’ve never been through a hurricane, or just need a refresher on how to prepare your home, here are three easy things you can do right now.

Make sure you secure any loose items that may be in your yard.  Patio chairs, flower pots or lawn decorations, and flags, and your trash can can easily be moved inside or weighed down to prevent them from ending up in your neighbors yard.

If you’ve got any trees or large bushes in your yard, make sure they’re trimmed up. Remove any large branches that could fall out with gusty winds on your house or cars. Also find a good parking spot now. If you normally park under a tree, find a safe spot free from possible falling limbs to keep your car safe.

Another important thing you can do to protect your home (and you don’t even have to do any manual labor for this one) is check your home insurance plans. If you live in a low lying area, consider flood insurance and if you’re renting think about renters insurance.

As far as indoors hacks go, we’ve got five quick ones using items you probably already have laying around.

1. Fill up plastic baggies with water and put them in your freezer! If your power goes out, they’ll help keep perishables colder longer and when they melt, they can be re-purposed as drinking water.

2. If you’ve got some meats or veggies you don’t think will make it through the storm, cook them two days before the storm and store them in the fridge. Those will be your first choice for eating after the storm so your non-perishables can be stretched longer.

3. Have back up electrical sources for your cell phones, and stop using them to play games!  Save your battery by posting to social media platforms instead of sending multiple texts or making multiple calls.

4. Fill up your bath tub with water before the storm gets here.  Don’t worry, you’re not drinking this water.  You’ll be using it to flush the toilet!  Also have some baby wipes on hand.  You could go days without a shower.

5. Hayley doesn’t have kids to think about, but we are preparing for a sweet dog. Make sure you have plenty of water, food, treats, their collars are on and you have a leash handy.

Have your own helpful hurricane hack?  Leave it in the comment section of this story on our Facebook page!

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