Vintage Affair Raises Money To Save Lives

Nineteen years ago, Hallie Croom received a frightening cancer diagnosis. Doctors told her she didn’t have long to live. “It was a level four metastatic melanoma and my prognosis was approximately two years,” Croom says because of advancements made possible with money raised by The American Cancer Society she beat cancer. She underwent surgery without needing chemotherapy or radiation.

“Every single penny that’s raised by The Cancer Society benefits us one way or another. It might be ten years from now or it might be services that we have right here in town that are helping people that are going through the battle right now.”


Now, Croom is a mother of two beautiful children and a passionate volunteer for The American Cancer Society.

“We’re all in the fight together. We really are and so anything that you can do to support the American Cancer Society or to support those that are going through the fight..just do everything you can and love on those who are going through it. Hopefully one day it won’t be you but, it very well may be and we’ll all appreciate that one way or another.”


One way to support to American Cancer Society is to buy tickets to The Vintage Affair Gala which is Thursday, September 28th from 6 pm to 9 pm at Fort Whiting in Mobile.

Tickets are $150 dollars each and are available at the door and online.

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