Theodore Native Surviving With Family Following Maria

Picture from Michelle Huff

Mobile, AL (WKRG) — Power may not come back until January for the hundreds of U.S. residents living in the U.S. Virgin Islands still reeling from the after-effects of Hurricane Maria.  Theodore native Michelle Huff has been living on the island with her husband and three kids for the past two years.

“That we’re not going to get power until January, public schools aren’t going to be able to reopen, the hospital is completely evacuated and has a lot of issues, we don’t have a hospital, I don’t even know where they’re going to open up triage,” said Huff.  Being in the dark without electricity that’s one thing but being in the dark about everything happening on your island home is a new level of frustrating.

“People here are gonna get desperate if we don’t get help and I really don’t know what’s being done or what’s in the process of happening,” said Huff.  Her sister has been trying to keep up stateside–but it’s hard to know what’s happening.

Stephanie Ward, Michelle’s sister: “I’ve lost communication with her so many times and then you just hope you hear from her soon, you don’t see enough reports of what’s going on, on that island,” said Stephanie Ward.  Among all this destruction, Huff and her kids are looking for a way home. They have a flight booked for October 2nd but no guarantee it leaves as scheduled. There have been some charity efforts organized to help the US citizens now trapped in the Virgin Islands.  You can click here to adopt-a-family in the Virgin Islands.  There’s another fundraising effort here.

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