Hollywood is Back on the Gulf Coast, Again

Bear Point Marina
Filming the movie "Mary" in Orange Beach

BALDWIN COUNTY, Ala. (WKRG — Crews, cameras, action! The film with the working title of “Mary” is in production in Orange Beach.

The film stars Gary Oldman. The movie is about a family who buys a sailboat only to find out later it is haunted. Therein lies the thriller part of the film. The scenes calling for rain Tuesday which instead was a typically beautiful day in this piece of paradise. So, the rain was provided by the Orange Beach Fire Department. All part of the magic that is movie making.

“They had a rain scene on the docks near the fuel pumps,” says Bruce Mercier who runs a jet-ski rental business at Bear Point Marina. “They had people kind of playing in the water, sitting on the docks, looks like it was raining on them and people walking up and down the restaurant area.”

Folks around here are a little star-struck, fascinated and even little frustrated says, Mercier. “These little businesses don’t want to suffer because they are trying to shut us down to do two days of filming. It still ends up being a good time and as long as they try to work around and we all try to work together, I think it will be fine.”

From here, production is scheduled to move to Gulf Shores and other parts of Baldwin County and then onto a Hollywood soundstage where the real drama unfolds.

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