Delta to Offer In-Flight Texting Starting Sunday


ATLANTA (AP/CNN) – Delta Air Lines says it will let passengers send mobile messages for free during flights beginning Sunday.

CEO Ed Bastian announced on “CBS This Morning” Wednesday that passengers will be able to text for free using the Gogo app.

Delta says passengers will be able to send messages using iMessage, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger.

The service will be offered through Delta’s Wi-Fi service from broadband provider Gogo. The airline said all but 130 of its 1,300 planes have wi-fi and the texting services will be for text only – not for transferring photos or video.

A Delta spokeswoman says voice calls will still be banned, and so will SMS texts sent using cell networks, which are prohibited by federal rules.

Delta says it is the first U.S. carrier with trans-ocean routes to offer free mobile messaging.

When asked if in-flight calls would be next for Delta, Bastian said, “never in my lifetime.”


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