Baby Found Abandoned in Car Seat on the Side of Highway in Sweltering Heat

A shocking discovery went viral online – a baby was found in car seat on the side of the road, abandoned in the sweltering heat.

The baby was rescued by a church group whose members spotted him near Interstate 40 and Choctaw Road.

According to the Facebook post, a church group was on their way home on I-40 east of Choctaw, when they noticed the car seat on the side of the busy highway.

The driver of the van said he at first thought he saw a doll in the car seat, but he immediately stopped the van to check when he saw “two little feet” kicking.

A woman who wants to remain anonymous said it was her church group from Ada which spotted the sleeping baby as they were headed home from Frontier City.

“He walks behind the van and he grabs a car seat with a baby in it,” the woman said.

The boy, no more than a few months old, was in his baseball onesie with only a pacifier at his side and no note or explanation.

Officers arrived and said though it was about 90 degrees outside, the baby did not show any signs of distress. They said the baby could not have been there for more than 30 minutes because of the intense heat.

“I couldn’t believe people were that evil. It was 90 degrees outside,” the woman said.

Police said several items, including a social security card, a birth certificate and $5,555 in cash, were also found inside the child’s car seat. The baby was checked out at a hospital, and he is healthy.

Police said they have determined who the baby’s mother is, and Oklahoma Highway Patrol troopers have found her. She was taken to a hospital to be checked.

The mother and the baby are both doing fine. The child was turned over to the DHS.

Church members are thankful the little guy is now in safe hands.

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