Fans shout Lord’s Prayer at football game in the wake of Lee Co. school prayer ban

UPDATE Sunday, Sept. 24th

LEE COUNTY, Ala. (WRBL) – Smiths Station High School recites part of the Lord’s Prayer during a football game.

This after the Lee County School District issued a school prayer ban.

The reciting of the Lord’s Prayer happened at Garrett Harrison stadium Friday night just before the team went head to head with Central High.

Earlier this month, the Lee County School District issued a school prayer ban.

You might remember one person complained to the “Freedom From Religion Foundation” AFTER “THE Lord’s Prayer” was read aloud at the season opener.

Others are also in support of Smiths Station High.

Mike Green, the owner of Green’s propane gas in Phenix City tells News Three his response to the Lee County school prayer ban.

“My initial response was I was gonna pull all our funding. We’ve been funding…one of the boosters for the football program and other sports at Smiths Station for over 50 years when my grandparents started it. “- says Green.

Green says since learning about the prayer ban- he decided to change his original idea- for this year’s Green’s Propane Gas advertisement set to run on the scoreboard at Smiths Station High.

“Decided I was just gonna put the Lord’s Prayer on there and made a post “- says Green.

Wednesday night, Green started a Gofundme page.

He says he owns the rights to half of the scoreboard but he also says based on the policy it can’t go up unless the other half of the board is paid for in the amount of five thousand dollars.

As of Thursday, Green says he reached more than half his goal.

“I don’t think we should be silent. I think we should have our voice heard…cries.”- says Green.

Friday, Green got emotional explaining why he’s so passionate about this effort.

“That being on the board won’t silence anybody and it gets the point across that as a community we won’t be silent. We’re gonna have our prayer up there.”- says Green.

Green says, when it comes to the Smiths Station students shouting the Lord’s Prayer at the game Friday night he says he supports them one hundred percent.

Original Story – September 21st, 2017

LEE COUNTY, AL (WKRG) — An eastern Alabama school system has banned student-led prayer at football games over the public address system, according to multiple media reports.

Lee County Schools have enacted the ban after an advocate organization, the Freedom From Religion Foundation, sent a notice to Lee County Superintendent James McCoy, referencing multiple Supreme Court decisions regarding school prayer. They cautioned that the practice of prayer over the loud speaker at football games is illegal and a “constitutional violation.”

The disclaimer came after the foundation reportedly received a complaint from a “concerned parent.”

Superintendent McCoy consulted with attorneys and ultimately determined banning school prayer over the loud speaker at football games was the only course of action.  He said the school system had to be compliant with federal law and numerous Supreme Court decisions.

McCoy said the school system was facing a lawsuit and lawyers were convinced the school district would lose any court case.



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