Roy Moore holds rally in Washington County

Roy Moore

McIntosh, AL (WKRG) — Republican Senate Candidate and former Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court Roy Moore held a rally in Washington County Saturday evening.  Moore supporters attended the 15th Annual Chestang’s Bluegrass Gospel Singing. It was one of Moore’s last rallies before Election Day on Tuesday.

The event was filled with food, bluegrass music at an event described as a “bring your lawn chair” political rally.

During Moore’s speech he discussed why he feels the race for the Alabama U.S. Senate seat is being watched so closely nationwide, “They’re waiting to see if the people of Alabama will give up their vote to an establishment in Washington that does not want to move forward, does not want to make progress, does not want to stop illegal aliens, does not want to stop socialized medicine, and wants to keep things just like it is so people in Washington can hold their power, prestige, and position.”

Moore also touched on one of his campaign promises to bring his faith to the White House, “I will take this message to them, and I will stand with the people of Alabama, and the people across the country who want the knowledge of God brought back to the United States Congress.”

Many of the people who attended the event are Roy Moore supporters as John Morie, “I like what he said about going to Washington and try to change some things. Because we definitely need some things changed in Washington.”

Morie went on to say he likes that Moore wants to get prayer back in the schools.

Judge Moore faces Luther Strange in the hotly contested Republican Primary runoff this Tuesday.  The winner will face Democratic candidate Doug Jones in December.

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