Gas station worker tired of being sitting duck, shoots robbery suspect

The Circle K clerk who shot an accused armed robber, says she was suspended for two weeks. The shooting happened Monday inside the store.

Wertz said she had her gun with her Monday because she was supposed to work until 10 p.m. She said she feels uncomfortable walking to her car at night.

Wertz put her gun in her pocket after she heard that another nearby convenience store was just robbed. She said she was not behind the counter when a man barged in with a gun.

“We are not to chase or provoke. We are just supposed to stand there and give them what they want and they leave,” she said.

“So why didn’t you do that yesterday?” Cruz asked.

“I’m sick and tired of being a sitting duck,” Wertz said. “He pointed the gun at my face, I grabbed my gun from my pocket, I cocked it and I shot.”

Police released the suspect’s name Tuesday afternoon. They said 23-year-old Ferron Mendez was shot in the torso, but is expected to survive. The APD said it will charge him once he’s released from the hospital.

It appears he does not have prior arrests in New Mexico.

KOAT reached out to Circle K management about the incident, but they declined to comment.

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