WATCH: Trapped Koala Bear Rescued From Car Wheel Arch

Adelaide, Australia (CBS) — A koala has been rescued after being trapped in a car’s wheel arch for a 16-kilometer journey through the outskirts of the South Australian capital, Adelaide.

The driver of the four-wheel-drive vehicle was unaware of the extra passenger until they arrived at their destination and heard some unusual cries.

After seeing the koala in the wheel arch, the driver immediately called animal rescuers who removed the wheel and eventually extricated the frightened animal.

The koala suffered superficial injuries and was covered in grease from under the car.

The koala was dubbed Kelli after one of the firefighters who rescued her.

After being cleaned up and monitored for a week, it was released back into the bush on Saturday.

When Fauna Rescue opened its transport case, Kelli bolted for the nearest tree.

Rescue workers said it wasn’t unusual for koalas to seek shelter in unusual places.

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