Coastal Cleanup Draws a Crowd for 30th Anniversary

Volunteers cleanup around Maitre Park

Mobile, AL (WKRG)

It’s been called the largest volunteer event in the state of Alabama. Volunteers scoured Mobile and Baldwin Counties looking for litter.

It’s a pretty good turnout for the 30th annual Alabama Coastal Cleanup.  Hundreds showed up at one of the Dog River Park check-in sites alone. This cleanup has been going on for a long time. Organziers say it’s not just about picking up garbage. It’s also a chance to get people closer to nature and showing them the impact they can have on the local environment. There’s a big change this year. For the first time, they’ll recycle a portion of the junk they collect.

“The top 12 items, majority of those are hard plastics the number one item consistently in all the 31 years I’ve been doing it cigarette butts but that’s been rapidly replaced by straws, styrofoam is a big problem and there are more plastic pieces in the ocean than there are natural substances, it’s just a bad thing because it doesn’t go away,” said the Executive Director of the Dog River Clearwater Revival Debi Foster.  Organizers say the fight against litter can be frustrating. They can clean an area and find it trashed again. Overall, they say they are winning the fight against trash.

A volunteer picks up trash along Eslava Creek Parkway
Volunteers register at a check-in site in Dog River Park
It’s the 30th annual cleanup.

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