30th Annual Alabama Coastal Cleanup Today

Mobile, AL (WKRG)

Dozens of volunteers from around the coast will be meeting at several spots around the region for the annual Alabama Coastal Cleanup.  Here’s a news release from last year:

“Maintaining a clean community increases the quality of life for city residents while also protecting coastal ecosystems. Their participation is not only a way to give back to their community, but also teaches them why it is critical to keep our coastal areas trash free,” said Sherry Sullivan, one of the zone captains for the Fairhope area.

Sullivan, who has worked with Alabama Coastal Cleanup for more than 10 years, said in Fairhope only, the Fairhope Public Utilities electric department provides a public power display while the city gas department cooks hotdogs for the volunteers there.

Both Sullivan and Nicole Woerner, zone captain for Boggy Point, said cigarette butts are one of the most common items found during the Coastal Cleanup. Cigarette butts also claimed the No. 1 spot worldwide with more than 2.1 million collected during the 2015 International Coastal Cleanup. Plastic bags, bottles and caps are also common items found along the shores.

“Our islands are heavily utilized by boaters during the summer season,” Woerner said. “Sadly, some of those folks toss their cigarettes into the water and they end up washing onto the island.” Woerner has worked with Alabama Coastal Cleanup since 2007 and expects less trash on the beaches for this year’s Coastal Cleanup because of the new Leave Only Footprints initiative adopted by both Gulf Shores and Orange Beach in 2015.

“I know the Leave Only Footprints initiative has been a major success this summer and I am confident that the amount of debris collected on the islands and beaches of Orange Beach will be significantly less than previous years,” Woerner said.


You can see a list of locations for 2017 here.


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