What’s Working: MobRox Rocking the Gulf Coast

MOBILE, Alabama (WKRG) – Thousands of people across the News 5 area are getting in on the area’s newest craze! It’s called Mob Rox. It involves painting and hiding rocks for others to find. The MobRox Facebook page has grown to over 18,000 members. People of all ages are having a blast, as people find their rocks.

Constance Barber started the MobRox Facebook group back in July. She says it’s not a new concept, but it hasn’t been done in Mobile. She is excited to see the Facebook page connecting so many people to such a positive activity. “It doesn’t matter if your rock looks like it belongs in a museum, or if you just dropped it in a puddle of paint, it’s going to brighten someone’s day.” Each rock has the MobRox hashtag, so the person knows to post a picture of it on Facebook.

MobRox paint parties are popping up everywhere. Whether it’s in someone’s living room or at a restaurant, people are getting together to paint rocks. We found a group at Wedgies restaurant, organized by Becca Seymour. She says she loves painting rocks with her daughter. “It feels good to bring a smile to people’s faces. I personally know that finding a rock after a hard day actually brings a good smile to a face.”

You can purchase the rocks at any craft store, or home improvement store. They don’t need to cost a lot! Or, you can collect them from wherever you see them and get to work. To be a part of the MobRox group, look for @MobRox on Facebook. There are several groups with that name, but this one has over 18,000 members.

News 5 joined in the fun. MobRox members painted us a WKRG rock. We hid it somewhere in downtown Mobile, where the good times are always rolling (that was a hint)! If you find it, post it on the WKRG Facebook page!

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