Parts for 50th Airbus Aircraft Arrive in Mobile

Airbus 50th MCA Arrival at Mobile Alabama FAL

MOBILE, Alabama (WKRG) – It was just two short years ago when the parts to build the first aircraft at the Airbus Mobile Final Assembly Line sailed into town.  April 2015 saw the parts arrive with some fanfare put on by city officials.

Now the parts for the 50th aircraft just came in.  A commemorative sign was pasted on the side of one of the fuselage pieces.  Airbus General Manager Darryl Taylor says the arrival of the 50th set of aircraft parts means construction of planned aircraft and delivery to its customers is right on schedule.
The parts being delivered from overseas include the front and back fuselage sections, wings and tail assembly.  The parts are shipped from Hamburg, Germany and off-loaded at the Port of Mobile.  They are then trucked to the assembly plant at Brookley Aerospace.
Airbus 50th MCA Arrival at Mobile Alabama FAL
So far, Airbus has delivered 37 aircrafts, from the first one promised to Jet Blue, to other customers including Delta, American and Spirit Airlines.
The company now employs a little more than 500 people.
The 50th aircraft to be built here at the Airbus Final Assembly Line will be an A321 for Delta Airlines.  It should be completed in December.


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