Jose Becomes Hurricane Again


In the western Atlantic, north of the Bahamas, winds in Jose have increased by a few miles per hour to give it hurricane status again. Jose started in the central Atlantic on September 5th and reached category 4 strength on a westward track. It weakened and made a complete loop northeast of the Bahamas. Hurricane Jose will now take a path that will worry the northeastern US. Over the weekend, swells will create dangerous rip currents along the east coast, as winds in Jose likely increase.

The center of the storm may brush or touch the coast of the northeast near or close to any of the major cities from Washington DC to Boston. Even with a close pass to the coast, high tides and storm surge may be the least of the threats.

Jose forecast track
Jose forecast track

Tropical Depression #14 is off the coast of Africa, and it will likely become a tropical storm in the next day.. The current position keeps it away from any land or island for a week, if it even lasts that long. The next name on the list of tropical storms this year is Lee.

Use your free News 5 app or our online hurricane tracker to see the status of tropical depressions, tropical storms, or hurricanes.

Hurricane season runs through the end of November. Sometimes a hurricane or tropical storm will linger into December.

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