Family Members of Double Homicide Victim Honor His Memory

MOBILE, Alabama (WKRG) — Friends and family members of one of the victims in a double homicide earlier this week in Springhill are sharing their memories of their loved one.

Brandon Cadwell, 28, was gunned down earlier Tuesday morning in a house on Gulfwood Drive.

“I thought it was kinda… Maybe a prank,” said Heather Cadwell, Brandon’s mother.

Shock and disbelief for family members of Brandon Cadwell upon hearing he was shot and killed in an early morning shooting.

“For them to use that kind of…. There were bullets all the way up the driveway,” Heather Cadwell added.

Family members say there were dozens of casings on the scene.  Friends say Cadwell was a die hard FSU football fan, caring, and loving.

“I’d have thought it happen completely different,” said Brandon’s friend Dalton Cluck of the way Brandon was killed.  “Never over gun violence or someone coming in and shooting him up and him having to leave the earth like that.”

They want the community to reflect on this senseless violence and all the violence in Mobile.

“That’s all you see is somebody young,” said Preston White, Brandon’s friend, of the young people being killed in the city.  “20, 21, 23, 24… This dude wasn’t even in his 30’s yet and now look.  His life is gone.”

His mother puts this situation in God’s hands.  His brother and friend will find comfort when the Seminoles take the field.

The other victim was Reginald Crenshaw Jr., the son of the Mobile County School Board President.

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