Car Burglaries Cause Neighbors to Set Out Some Bait for Thieves

AUSTIN, Texas (CBS) — Neighbors are taking extra precautions after dozens had their cars broken into.  Some of them, twice in the past few weeks.

When Brandon Copley bought his Balcones Woods home, he didn’t think he’d be asking himself this question. “What do I need to do to protect my home and at the same time not put my families lives in danger.”

That’s because last month his security cameras caught a man opening his mini van door, turning the cabin light on, and rifling through his things.  Then on Tuesday it happened again.

Luckily for Copley, the thief stole only spare change and he canceled the stolen credit card before any purchases were made.

“Thieves are like cockroaches, if they can find a way in they’re going to come in and expand” said resident Copley. And the thieves definitely expanded to other homes.

“They came out dusted for prints.” Chad Koch says his car was broken into twice since mid August.  Again, nothing of value stolen but a few houses down – a couple lost $500 in gift cards.

For Balones Woods homeowners, there have been 13 reported car break ins to police since the beginning of August.  But Brandon counts at least 20 people have been victim to these thieves.

Koch said, “it does make the hair on the back of your neck stick up and make you wonder what am I going to come across.”

So neighbors are working together to catch these thieves. A bait car has been put in place, they’re reminding one another to lock their cars and Brandon.

Brandon rigged his car up, “where when you open the car door, immediately my phone gets a text message.”

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