Scambuster: Am I Affected By The Equifax Hack?

(WKRG) — Equifax, one of the big three credit bureaus, was hacked over the summer.

“Well I just heard about it, just bought a new home in May so I think I need to check some things out,” says consumer Donna Schoaf.

It’s likely that your personal information like birthdates, social security numbers, license plate numbers, and credit card numbers were compromised.

“Internet security is so important, you’ve got to be able to trust the people who are out there that have your personal information so it’s very scary,” says consumer Amy Polansky.

Here’s the breakdown. There’s Experian, Equifax and Transunion. They get information shared by anyone you have credit with.

“Your credit card company, your home loan, your car loan, your insurance provider, anything that would typically require a credit report,” says Sgt. Keith Miller with the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office.

So here’s how to find out if you’ve been affected. Go to Right on the front page, there’s a button that says click here to enter and find out if you’re affected. That takes you to a page with answers to frequently asked questions. At the bottom of that page, there’s a button on the left-hand side that says potential impact. Click that. That will take you to another page that has another button that says check potential impact. It will then ask you for your last name and the last six digits of your social security number. After you enter in the information, it will tell you if you’ve been affected or not.

“Just keep an eye on your credit. Make sure that you at least get a credit report once a year at the bare minimum,” says Miller.

Also, keep an eye on your bank account and your statements for any suspicious activity. After a breach, experts suggest you freeze your credit, which prevents thieves from opening up any lines of credit in your name. Normally, Equifax charges $10 to freeze and unfreeze your account. They are waiving that fee until October 11.

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