Neighbors Concerned As Investigators Look Into Recent House Fires on Greenlawn Drive

MOBILE,Ala. (WKRG) — Mobile Fire and Rescue is investigating a house fire on the 2500 block of Greenlawn Drive. The latest fire happened Monday morning at a vacant home. On Friday, September 8th, the vacant home next door also caught fire. Mobile Fire and Rescue is investigating both cases as suspected arson.

News 5 spoke with neighbors who are concerned. Melvin James has lived on Greenlawn Drive for 10 years. James lives across the street from the most recent fires, and next door to a vacant home. James says he is concerned for his family’s safety, “I don’t want to be at work one day, come back home, and my house catching on fire because the house next door is vacant and they catch somebody else’s on fire.”

Although the homes suspected to be set on fire are vacant, Steve Huffman with Mobile Fire and Rescue says it still puts people’s safety at risk, “It puts our people in danger unnecessarily. We have to go in and put the fire out. It also puts the neighbors in danger. If the vacant house is close to an occupied house, the fire could very well spread to those houses.”

Huffman says there are several other vacant homes in the area he hopes the same suspects do not target.

Huffman says the department is looking for the suspect or suspects responsible for starting the fires at both homes. Anyone with information about these cases is asked to call Mobile Fire and Rescue at (251)208-7351. You can remain anonymous.

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