Two Dead in Homicide on Gulfwood Drive

Mobile, AL (WKRG)

Two men are dead after an early morning shooting in Mobile. An MPD spokesman says officers were responding to a call of a person down at a home on Gulfwood Drive.  When they went inside they found two men dead and are calling it a homicide.  The violence has shaken a normally quiet neighborhood off of Springhill Avenue.  This started with neighbors calling police after hearing up to six gunshots around midnight.

“I knew they were gunshots, not fireworks I told my children to hit the ground then I reached for my phone and reached for my phone and told them there were gunshots,” said neighbor Paul Bryers.  From the overnight hours to well into the morning, Mobile Police kept scouring the scene for evidence.  Many neighbors were stunned by what happened.

“I certainly don’t feel good about it I don’t like something like that happening in our neighborhood,” said neighbor Mary Days.  Springhill Avenue is the major thoroughfare that connects this neighborhood to the rest of Mobile.  It’s also very close to I-65 and neighbors say this is normally a quiet, tranquil place.

“I’m surprised, we know all our neighbors, I’ve lived here 20 years and we’ve never had anything like this,” said neighbor Will Bridges.  One neighbor, we spoke with said whoever lived in the home where the deaths happened had only been there a few weeks.

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