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MOBILE, Alabama (WKRG)

8:25 a.m. – We’re seeing consistent delays with heavier traffic I-10 eastbound basically through Mobile County right now. It’s backed up past Broad Street leading you into the George Wallace tunnel. Of course the reason for this is Hurricane evacuees headed back home. A new accident on Highway 90 there at Highway 31 at the hill there in Spanish Fort. Also accidents in Mobile including Dauphin and North Ann Street. The light is out there as well treat that as a four-way stop.  Dauphin Street in front of Springhill Golf Course, Maryville Street in front of Maryville pool, Airport in front of Providence Hospital. In Pensacola I-10 eastbound around the 22 Mile Marker and accident with injuries there

7:55 a.m. – We’re seeing a good bit of delay I-10 eastbound through Mobile and towards Baldwin County very likely with the number of people that have evacuated due to Hurricane Irma and now are headed home.  We’re seeing delays beginning around the Grand Bay Wilmer Road exit (exit four) all the way from that point to around the I-65 interchange and from Broad Street to inside the George Wallace tunnel. That likely is going to be the theme today as you’ll see delays throughout the day.  Bayway is busy both directions. Careful through those school zones. Mobile police on the scene of an accident I-10 eastbound between Virginia Street and Texas street it’s off to the left hand side of the roadway and a new accident in Pensacola I-10 Eastbound at the seven mile marker the Pine Forest exit.

7:26 a.m. –  We got a number of trouble spots out here including I-10 eastbound there around Virginia Street. The left hand lane is blocked. Also delays getting into the George Wallace tunnel eastbound I-10 and some delays both directions of the Bayway as well. Likely with evacuees headed home. Other accidents I-10 Eastbound at the 10 mile marker (the McDonald Road exit ramp) also Mobile Street at Springhill Avenue, Theodore Dawes there at the I-10 Service Road and in Pensacola and earlier hit and run crash East Kingsfield and Chemstrand Road still being worked

6:55 a.m. – Updating your Tuesday morning commute we’ve seen any increase in traffic volume right now, not just on the bBayway but also I-10 eastbound getting into the George Wallace tunnel. Likely evacuees who are headed back home to Florida and as a result we’re starting to see some delays in the eastbound Lanes along with the normal westbound traffic there on the Bayway. accident-free according to Mobile Police right now Pensacola Police have cleared that earlier I might still see some delays with possible power outages in downtown at the intersection of 9th and Creighton and a new hit and run crash at East kingsfield and chemstrand Road

6:30 a.m. – As the sun continues to make its debut in the Eastern sky here on this early Tuesday, traffic volume has already picked up both directions on the Bayway. But looks like it’s moving along pretty well even with the increased traffic volume. Moving along well through the tunnels, no accidents in Mobile according to Mobile Police.  Pensacola Police and emergency vehicles still on the scene where a car hit a power pole at the intersection of Creighton and 9th Avenue in downtown Pensacola. There’s some power outages in that area as well so make sure to treat those traffic lights as four-way stops.

6:10 a.m. – Traffic volume beginning to pick up on the Bayway both directions here on this early Tuesday. We’re moving along well on the Causeway and the Bayway even with that. No problems through either of the tunnels and no complaints right now in Mobile without any accidents. Highway Patrol and wreckers still on the scene of that accident I-10 eastbound hear the Alabama Florida state line but it is off to the side of the road and shouldn’t cause you delays. In Pensacola there are delays at the intersection of Creighton and 9th Avenue where a car hit a power pole. We’ve also got reports of power outages in that area including some traffic lights that are now four way stops so use caution there.

5:55 a.m. – It’s been a good start to your Tuesday morning commute on the Bayway and Causeway, no problems or delays. Looking good in the Mobile area according to Mobile Police as well. Highway Patrol had an earlier Fender bendor off to the side of the road; a wrecker is there I-10 eastbound around the Alabama / Florida state line. Pensacola Police on the scene of an accident Creighton at 9th Avenue. Apparently a car hit a power pole, there are power outages in that area so if you come up on a traffic light that’s out be sure to treat that as a four-way stop and avoid that intersection.

5:30 a.m. – Our Tuesday morning commute continue to look good on the Bayway and Causeway right now with no delay either direction. Looking good through the tunnels as well. Mobile Police continuing to tell us no accidents they’re working right now.  Alabama Highway Patrol and now a wrecker is on the scene I-10 headed Eastbound near the Alabama/Florida State Line. There is a fender bender and it’s off to the side of the road, it’s not really affecting traffic We’re looking good on the Panhandle according to Florida Highway Patrol.

5:05 a.m. – Our first check of traffic here on your early Tuesday morning reveals things are looking good on the Bayway and Causeway right now. No problems or delays. Looking good through the tunnels as well. In Mobile, Mobile Police reporting no accidents.  I-10 Eastbound near near the Alabama /Florida State, Line there is a fender bender; it’s off to the side of the road.  Alabama Highway Patrol is on the scene and looks like it’s not a really affecting traffic. We’re looking good right now along the Panhandle according to Florida Highway Patrol

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