Pizza Hut Manager Threatens Employees Fleeing Irma

(CNN) — Pizza Hut is reacting to allegations that a manager threatened workers fleeing Hurricane Irma. The pizza chain posted a statement clarifying its hurricane policy.

This after employees at one of its restaurants in Jacksonville posted a memo online from their manager. In the memo, the manager declares workers are only allowed to evacuate 24 hours before Irma hit, and that they must return within three days of their evacuation.

It threatened if the employees did not show up for their shifts, for any reason, they would be punished as a no show.

In the statement, Pizza Hut said the manager did not follow company guidelines. The company claims “it does not have a policy that dictates when team members can leave or return from a disaster.”

Pizza Hut would not clarify if the manager involved was disciplined.  They would only confirm that the situation had been addressed.



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