Baldwin Shelter Nearly Full

Road sign on the way to Baldwin County Shelter

Robertsdale, AL (WKRG)

The Baldwin County Coliseum is nearly at capacity this morning.  At last check, the building was housing 435 clients.  They have a maximum capacity of 450.  A worker inside said they had a Fairhope Church on standby if need be.

At one point Sunday the shelter was so full they were redirecting incoming evacuees to another shelter in Montgomery.  Local officials have praised the generous response of people in Baldwin County.

“Through your generosity, they will do so with a bag or two of groceries. Let’s make sure they have a full tank of gas as well. If you’re willing, or your church is willing, a $25 gas card (or cash gift card) would go a long way to helping them get home so that they can begin to rebuild and recover,” said Baldwin County Commissioner Chris Elliott in a Facebook post.  He’s asking people and groups to gather gas gift cards they plan on handing out Tuesday morning.

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