Irma Is No Longer Tropical

Irma is no longer a tropical depression; it’s a post-tropical system over Northern Alabama…a rainmaker for those folks, as well as much of Mississippi.  There are no watches or warnings in effect related to the remnants of Irma. It is drawing in the moisture from bands that extend to the North Carolina coast.  We are seeing dry cool here drawn into our neighborhood from the northwest.  You can see the drier air in brown on this water vapor in age from GOES 16.


Rainfall totals in Florida during Irma were a foot or more in dozens of locations from the top to the bottom of the state.  They include 15.9″ in Ft. Pierce, 12.2″ in Gainsville, and 11.2″ in Jacksonville.  Naples recorded a 142 mph wind gust at landfall Sunday.

Hurricane Jose is also weakening over the western Atlantic.  Jose will loop around in the Atlantic for several days north of the Bahamas.  Jose is a category one hurricane with 75 mph winds but could be a tropical storm this afternoon.  The forecast track has it meandering around in the western Atlantic north of the Bahamas through the end of the week.  It’s uncertain where it will go after that, but most models point north.

Official National Hurricane Center Forecast

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