Two Hurricanes Unite One Fayetteville Family

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. – Two tragedies bringing together one Northwest Arkansas family. They’re calling it a blessing in disguise.

Hurricane Harvey and now Hurricane Irma are forcing many families to evacuate to find a safe place to call home.

“To come back to a place that’s safe, and a place that’s comfortable. It’s been pretty lucky,” Andrea Kathol, the Houston sister.

Houston, still picking up the pieces after the devastation Harvey left behind.

Now, Florida is preparing for the impact Irma may have.

“It was scary reading what was happening back at home when knowing I could have been there,” said Kathol.

“I would have never thought that we would have become one family, all in one place..under these circumstances,” said Marcia Kathol, the daughter’s mother.

Close to 2,000 miles were traveled between two sisters.

One from Texas, the other Florida.

“Airports were closed, my apartment was flooded, my office took on a lot of water. So that’s what really drove my decision to evacuate to Fayetteville,” said Kathol.

“The day that it became a category 5, we were like we need to prepare for our evacuation plan,” explained Allie Summers, the Florida Sister.

The third sister, here in Fayetteville to welcome here siblings back home.

“Once I heard what was going on, and I found out that they were coming back I was shocked. But it was more a happy and exciting time because me and my sisters are like best friends,” said Abbie Kathol, the Fayetteville sister.

The fact that not one, but two hurricanes was the force that drove them together amazes them.

“I feel very blessed that despite the catastrophe that’s going on in have my older sister who’s evacuating from Irma to cross paths in Fayetteville has been really special,” explained Andrea Kathol.

As for mom, she loves having all her girls back home under one roof.

“For them to feel happy about coming back under these circumstances, it really makes a mom’s heart really happy,” said Marcia Kathol.

Coming together during the tough times, that what keeps spirits alive in face the face of tragedy.

“It’s really bittersweet, but I think that’s what a lot of the stories you’re hearing out of these hurricanes. It brought this horrible devastation. But we’re seeing so much unity because of it. I got to reunite with my family,” said Andrea Kathol.

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