News 5 in Tallahassee: Red Cross, Sand Bags Crucial Before the Storm

TALLAHASSEE, Florida (WKRG) More than 6 million Floridians have been ordered to evacuate ahead of Hurricane Irma shifting the population of Tallahassee from locals who call it home to evacuees looking for shelter from the storm.

The Lawton Chiles High School was the first shelter to open in Tallahassee, three others have been opened since and they are filling up fast.

A Red Cross Shelter is at capacity with 400 evacuees and they are having to re-direct them to other shelters nearby.

Paul Aversa and his family were some of the first to arrive.  Aversa said, “this place have been a godsend we are so lucky to be here and these people from the Red Cross amazing.”

After living in Florida for 40 years, this is the first time he has ever left his home because of a hurricane.

“I took it upon myself to say this time, we better go.

For those who are staying in the capitol city, “yeah we’ll take care of you sir.”  A little help in preparing for Irma.

Mike Latimer helped fill sand bags.  He said, “I’m doing this for my mother in law and daughter actually. They’ve got some pretty low-lying houses do this to put around the front door.”

Cargeon Jenkins said, “we just don’t know how bad its going to get so I’ve got my sons here with me trying to get it so we can get things done.”

For the last three days the city has provided free sand at area parks, each person limited to 25 bags with volunteers shoveling and bagging for a lot of those who need a little help.

“You’re seeing people come, they are filling their bags their coming back helping others, total strangers so it’s been great,” said volunteer Chris Turner.



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