Baldwin County Shelter Expected to Reach Capacity

ROBERTSDALE, Alabama (WRKG) – Evacuees continue to file into the Baldwin County Coliseum in Robertsdale.  The American Red Cross is using the building as a temporary shelter for those looking for a safe place to stay during Hurricane Irma.  20 people stayed the night Friday. 200 people were at the shelter by Saturday afternoon and Red Cross officials are expecting between 100-200 to arrive Saturday night.

“A lot of the folks coming through are really just coming through with the clothes on their backs.  Some of them have suitcases, but the majority of them just really have the shirt on their back and they just escaped the storm,” says Mike Brown, Executive Director for the South Alabama chapter of the American Red Cross.

The Red Cross is providing food, a cot, blankets, pillows, showers, and a place to house pets. The shelter is expected to remain open through Tuesday. If the shelter reaches its 400 person capacity, the Red Cross will direct people to their other shelter in Montgomery.

The Red Cross is not in need of donations at this time. They are asking locals to refrain from dropping off items at the shelter. Officials say if you would like to help, consider donating your time and signing up as  Red Cross volunteer.

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