Surplus Store Wants to Help Community Prep for Possible Hurricane

With a state of emergency declared by Governor Rick Scott in Florida, preparing for the possibility of Hurricane Irma making landfall has begun.

The owner of Rugged Earth, a local military surplus store says waiting until the week of the storm means you’ve waited too long.

Even if Irma doesn’t bring hurricane conditions to our area of the Gulf Coast, the preppers say living on the coast means you should always have a go bag ready.

When it comes to preparing for the worst, Steve Hansen, owner of Rugged Earth, has a suggestion for every possible scenario.

“In an area like this, the Gulf Coast, we’ve got a few million people,” Hansen said.  “So if a few milion people, even a small fraction of those few million people go in to try and buy these emergency preparedness things in a condensed period of time… how quickly they disappear.”

Hansen says many people forget power can go out and fridge food goes bad quickly.  MRE’s and non-perishables are extremely important.

“Freeze dried food, eggs, potatoes, vegetables, rice,” he said listing off items they have that are great to stock up on.  “MRE’s are great because they have everything you could want in one little packet.”

At a surplus store, you can create a pretty solid prep kit for cheaper than most places.

“I think a family on a budget of practicality… I think about 300 dollars you could be prepared for 3 days easily and extend yourself out to three weeks,” Hansen said.

When it’s all said and done, Hansen says your most valuable tool is something you carry with you all the time: your brain.

“If you don’t have access to the internet, the power’s out, you wont be able to google the common information,” Hansen said.  “So, to be able to have hard written books or the knowledge in your head can be invaluable.”

Escambia County issued a release Monday morning about how to be prepared, and steps to go through within your family to coordinate a plan.  You can find that information here.

For more information on Rugged Earth, and classes they offer on preparing go bags, you can click here.

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