Mobile Labor Day Parade 2017

Image from Mobile Labor Day Parade 2016

Mobile, AL (WRKG)

There’s at least one public party on what’s normally a very quiet holiday.  The annual Labor Day Parade rolls through downtown Mobile starting at 10 this morning.

The parade is a tradition that goes back more than 70 years.  It’s sometimes called the toilet paper parade because some floats toss toilet paper rolls to the crowd.

“We are celebrating working people and all the great contributions they make to our community making it a better place to live,” said AFL-CIO Community Services Liaison Leslie Schraeder during 2016’s parade. This isn’t just a parade for the community. It’s also sort of a reminder for the community that organized labor is still around and important to the region.

“It’s good to show the community we’re still alive and thriving in this area we enjoy what we do and we enjoy where we live at being part of the community we are,” said Donald Adams with Electricians Local 505 last year.

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