Hurricane Irma: Store Shelves Emptied as Floridians Prepare

ORLANDO (WKMG) – With a lot of uncertainty about how Irma is going to affect Florida, people stocking up Monday have already emptied many shelves.

“They were out pretty much immediately as soon as I walked in,” Days Micah Kropp who was shopping at a Orlando area Publix.

He’s stocking up on canned goods and crackers. Because of the little ones at home, he’s not taking any chances, “I got a one year old and a three year old. So, got a think a little differently with them at the helm and then will be traveling this week for work so not sure when I will have the time. It will be kind of hectic.”

At an Orlando Walmart workers are trying to keep up with the demand, steadily restocking water. But several stores have bare water and bread aisles. Others, like Min Cho are preparing for power outages, “ordered a generator on Amazon,  should be coming on Friday. Also, some dry foods and stuff like that.”

With other storms hitting the gulf last week, Cho says it serves as a reminder of how bad things can get, “with Harvey everyone is kind of taken back to see how that was. Obviously we are in Florida, so we are used to this type of situation, but it’s always good to be prepared.”

Others are stocking up on dog food, gassing up their vehicles and even getting cash. ATMs don’t  work if the power goes out and businesses won’t be able to process credit cards.

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