11 Year Old Orange Beach Girl Collecting School Supplies for Harvey Victims

ORANGE BEACH, AL (WKRG)- Many kids spent their Labor Day weekend at the side of the pool, but one 11-year old Orange Beach girl is preparing to deliver thousands of school supplies to kids in Texas.

It’s only been about a week, but Emma Steed and her family say they’ve received an overwhelming amount of support for their cause.

“I like helping people. I love bringing joy to people,” said the 11-year old.

Emma has spent the last several days traveling around the tri-state area collecting thousands of pens, notebooks, folders and other classroom necessities.

“Everyone was getting clothes, water and food. So why don’t we collect school supplies?”

As of Monday afternoon, they’ve collected over 85-hundred supplies for Texas students devastated by Hurricane Harvey.

The 11-year old home-schooled girl said she had no idea the response would be so intense. “I thought we’d only get like 50 items.”

Although she’s spent so much of her time helping, Emma wants to thank everyone who donated to her cause. “It means so much to me, so much to Texas families and so much to the schools. It just means a lot.”

Her mother, Brigid Steed, said she’s amazed by what her daughter is doing. “It really warms my heart that she is so compassionate and so generous.”

Emma and her family say they’re not sure what Texas school all the supplies will go to or exactly when they’ll be transporting them. They plan to leave sometime within the next two weeks and drive the supplies themselves using a friend’s truck.

Here’s a link to Emma’s “Go Fund Me” page to donate money for supplies: https://www.gofundme.com/texas-donate-for-school-supplies

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