Disaster Preparedness: Register Loved Ones with Special Medical Needs

MOBILE, Alabama (WKRG) – After seeing so many stranded in their homes due to flooding in Texas and with Hurricane Irma churning in the Atlantic, viewers have contacted us concerned about how they would evacuate their loved ones with medical conditions if something like that were to happen here.

Theodore resident Taylor Byrd’s grandmother is bedridden. “I just thought how would we get my grandmother out in a situation like that?  It’s hard to even put her in her wheelchair. So getting her out to safety would be awful,” says Byrd

The Mobile County Emergency Management Agency has a special needs registry online you can place loved ones on for emergency situations. You can enter their personal information on disasterhelpmobile.org.  Right now the site is not actively monitored, but could be accessed if needed.  After hearing from concerned residents like Taylor Byrd, EMA officials say they will meet this week to discuss how the site could be improved.

“It could save lives just to know where people are that wouldn’t be able to get out that have a condition that hinders them,” says Byrd

Mobile County EMA officials say in addition to the registry, they have plans in place to make sure residents will be prepared if a hurricane were to make its way in our direction.  EMA would open shelters across the county including a special medical shelter for those with specific needs.  Phone numbers would be issued locally so people can call EMA for information. Transportation would also be provided for those who cannot transport themselves.

EMA officials say it’s best to start thinking about evacuation plans now.

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