What’s Working: Sheriff’s Deputy Forms Special Bond With Child

MOBILE, Alabama (WKRG) — A Mobile County Sheriff’s Deputy is showing what true community policing is all about. Deputy Mike Barton patrols the Overlook Road area. On many occasions, he saw a young boy, Mason Cooley, and his grandmother, Myra Heartfield, gardening. He stopped by and has been bringing the four-year-old plants and vegetables ever since. He has enjoyed watching Mason plant the seeds and grow vegetables. He says, “They have been a blessing to me.”

Mason’s grandmother says he had been fearful of police officers, but not anymore. “Since Deputy Barton has come by, he’s not scared of them anymore. He is their friend. I am glad of that. I am glad he stopped by.”  Deputy Barton says he wanted to show Mason that you don’t need to be afraid of an officer in uniform. “At first they think, well, nothing good is going to come out of having contact with someone wearing a badge. Then they realize something good can come out of it.”

No doubt the two have formed a lasting friendship.

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