LIVE Traffic Report

7:55 A.M.-A new accident now right in front of the Whole Foods on Airport Boulevard officers are on the scene no injuries involved another one off of Bellingrath Road and Industrial Boulevard And Lauren Dean now the school zones have been busy and will be for the next few minutes back it down to 20 miles an hour from the 10 65 rangeline all the way up towards Grand Bay Wilmer Road State Troopers have those black undercover SUVs there and across the bay way along I-10 so keep that in mind as you’re traveling on the way in this morning.

7:25 A.M.-Good morning everyone it’s been a great start so far as Mobile Police Department County and state trooper have accident free conditions we are starting to see the backups down from  airport and Moffett in Spring Hill and 65 also Tillmans Corner Theodore you’ve seen some radar along the interstate from Rangeline and 65 Traveling downtown for the George Wallace and the bank head tunnel it has been a smooth ride across the bay and the causeway with fairhope and Spanish Fort light traffic and no wreck.

6:55 A.M.-it’s been a great start coming down from Saraland Chickasaw and Pritchard just spoke with Mobile Police Department and state troopers they do have extra patrols out but the good news is no accidents in the roadway school zones will be busy again this morning Old Shell Pleasant Valley Airport by Baker High School we’ve seen some extra radar there this morning but as you’re traveling in from the Eastern Shore Fairhope and Daphne Spanish Fort the Bayway the causeway it’s a good ride in this morning

6:05 A.M.-Only one accident to speak of Mobile Police Department on the scene at 90 and Swedetown road you see it’s a smooth ride from Fairhope Daphne in Spanish Fort so far across the Bayway and the causeway state troopers already have got extra patrols out near Rangeline and 65 as schoolbuses are traveling this morning remember 20 miles an hour no school zones but for the most part a great start to a Friday morning and I’m Kane on the way in this morning with your WKRG News five traffic

5:55 A.M.-Good morning everybody it’s a good start we just one accident at 90 in Swedetown road you’ll see officers already running radar across the Bayway and the causeway this morning and schoolbuses are traveling for the most part a nice start Daphne Fairhope Spanish Fort no delays coming down from Saraland Chickasaw in Prichard you won’t find any accidents in the roadways.

Reports from Coastal Traffic and Kane Motorsports, Derek Long.

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