1st and 10: A Conversation with Cole Garvin

The South Alabama quarterbacks huddle after practice.

MOBILE, Ala. – Robby Baker catches up with South Alabama Quarterback Cole Garvin in a new segment ‘1st and 10’.

1st DOWN – Who was the first person you told when you were named the starting quarterback?

Cole – “My father, my parents. I called my dad and mom and told them. They were really excited and pumped for it.”

2nd DOWN – How much did playing in games like San Diego State last year prepare you for the challenging schedule you have to start the season?

Cole – “I think if I didn’t play last year at all I wouldn’t know what I was getting myself into going into Ole Miss. I think those snaps I got last year will help this year going against Ole Miss.”

3rd DOWN – What is the mindset of the team heading into the Ole Miss game, and how much do you play a part in molding it as the starting quarterback?

Cole – “Our mindset is we’ve done it before. We did it with San Diego State. We did it with Mississippi State. We’re not expecting anything but we’re all confident and determined. We want to get this ‘W’ and we’re prepared and ready to go. We’re excited and I think as the starting quarterback it starts right here. Especially on offense, it starts with how I come to practice and what my mindset is each day. I kind of have to feed the fire that way.”

4th DOWN – Last thing, how excited are you to get under center and kick this thing off in a few days?

Cole – “Words can’t describe it. Words really can’t describe it. Saturday can’t come fast enough. 6 o’clock can’t come fast enough, I’m ready to go.”

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