The Anatomy of an Upset: How South can beat Ole Miss

South Alabama prepares to play Ole Miss.

MOBILE, Ala. –  “As far as this Saturday, we know Ole Miss is a very good opponent,” said South Alabama coach Joey Jones. “We’re ready to go to a SEC school, and a SEC stadium to play a ballgame. It’s exciting for our players.”


The anatomy of an upset. It all starts with a mindset. A belief anything is possible.

“They’re not intimidated by the venue. We’ve been to Tennessee, we’ve been to South Carolina and Mississippi State,” said Jones. “I think they have a little chip on their shoulder. They want to show people what they can do.”

To pull off an upset, you have to be prepared. The Jags have been in fall camp for nearly a month.

“They know toughness is going to win. They know toughness is going to win on the road. Toughness is going to win those close ballgames,” said Jones.

And they have more depth than ever.

A crucial component if you want to beat a SEC foe.

“If you look at it over the years, most of those games we sort of wore down at the end of the game. They would kind of get us late in the fourth quarter because we’re just tired. So having those fresh legs in their will certainly make a difference,” said Jones.

Depth, preparation and a belief in yourself and your unit, the necessary ingredients to pull off an upset.

Now it’s time to put it all to the test.

“We’re going to bring this program to the next level. That’s our goal this year,” said Jones.

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