Mobile Baykeeper Wants More Info on Spilled Chemical from Tanker Crash

After a tanker crash on I-65 on Tuesday, a chemical that leaked from the tanker is flowing down an area waterway into Dog River.  The chemical called alkenyl succinic anhydride is an alkaline based chemical said by the company that was hauling it to be non-hazardous.

That is, says Mobile Baykeeper’s Casi Callaway, thousands of gallons of it spilled into area waterways.

Callaway says the chemical, A-S-A for short, is not water-soluble, which is why it is now floating on the surface of Eslava Creek near the confluence with Dog River.  Callaway says it has been spotted in the main channel of Dog River.

She says the Occupational Safety and Health Administration considers the chemical hazardous.  She also says it is known to be a hazard to fish.  What’s not known is the effect it could have on people who might come in contact with it through swimming, or by eating fish that have eaten it.

A crew from United States Environmental Services was at Eslava Creek and Dog River on Thursday to begin cleaning up the chemical.  They put out boom near the litter trap off Mcvay Drive in Mobile to contain it.

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