Irma Is Now a Cat 3 Hurricane

Hurricane Irma
Hurricane Irma

Irma is getting stronger fast.  HURRICANE IRMA is a Major (Category 3) hurricane in the central Atlantic but it’s nowhere near land and it’s too far away from the WKRG​ area to even give it half a thought. See the forecast track on your free News 5 weather app or here forming as a tropical storm yesterday, Irma is a category 2 hurricane today with 100 mph winds and is moving westward across the open Atlantic.  Hurricane Irma is not an immediate threat to any land, so no watches or warnings are in effect.

Irma Forecast Cone
Irma Forecast Cone

Model forecast projections show a continued westerly motion, with a continued increase in intensity.

Thousands of miles of ocean separate Irma from the U.S. mainland and a lot may change over the next few days.  As always, look at forecasts and models beyond 3 or 4 days out with a skepticism. While it’s far too early to fret, Irma is certainly a hurricane to keep an eye on in the peak of hurricane season.

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