Baldwin County Drying Out, Still Some Roads Closed

BALDWIN COUNTY, Ala. (WKRG) — There’s still plenty of water out there. But the good news is, most of it is where it’s supposed to be.

“It didn’t get as high as we thought it would,” says Daneen Buck. “It rained all night long. I got up and watched it during the night.”

There are a few rivers and creeks swollen from all the rain and run-off like Polecat Creek that is out of its banks and Fish River is muddy and carrying more debris than boaters but for folks who live along the river, Harvey’s rain wasn’t that a big a scare. “I’ve seen it higher before when just a regular rain storm came through,” says Buck.

There are roads still closed in the south part of Baldwin County but of the handful still dealing with all that water none are heavily traveled.

As the skies cleared Thursday, things were already returning to normal. “We’re about to put our boat in and put it back in the lift because I don’t think it’s going to rain anymore,” says Buck.

Current Baldwin County Road conditions as of 11:00 am Thursday:

The following roads are IMPASSABLE:
Mannich Ln- Between CR 49 and Norris Ln

Cowling Road- A few hundred feet north of HWY 90

Hartung Road- Grantham Road to Norris Ln

Norris Ln- County Road 12 to Laurent Road

Wynn Road- Between Davis Road and Paul Cleverdon Road

The following roads have been impacted due to excessive rainfall:

Davis Road- Between CR 34 and Wynn Road

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