WATCH: Aerial Footage of Flooding in Beaumont, Texas

(Courtesy: CBS News)

(Video Courtesy: CBS News)

BEAUMONT, Texas (AP/CBS) – Aerial footage shows the widespread flooding in Beaumont, Texas Wednesday after heavy rains fell from Harvey.

Flash flooding inundated homes and overwhelmed first-responders as residents along the Texas-Louisiana border felt the wrath of Harvey’s second landfall.

Police in Beaumont, Texas, were recruiting people with boats Wednesday to help check neighborhoods for anyone needing to be rescued.

Police said many were not calling 911. Instead, they were reaching out for help on social media, causing more chaos.

Twenty-five miles west in Orange, Texas, Anna McKay said she tried calling 911, but no one answered. Neighbors helped bring her and 12 other people who had sought refuge at her home to dry ground.

They gathered at a Baptist church where parishioners planned to cook food to offer comfort. Harvey rolled ashore again Wednesday as a tropical storm after making landfall last week as a hurricane.


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