Red flags and rough waters on Baldwin County’s beaches

BALDWIN COUNTY, AL (WKRG)-  Not only has all the rain flooded roads in Balwdin County, but it’s also taking its toll on our local beaches.

The red flags are flying in both Orange Beach and Gulf Shores after severe storms move through the Gulf. Officials with Orange Beach say some waves are as high as five feet.

With the skies clearing up late Wednesday afternoon, there still wasn’t a single foot in the water.


“I’ve never seen it like this. It’s pretty rough,” said Brandi Benfield who is visiting from Chatom, Alabama with her young children.

Benfield says as soon as she got to the beach, she told the kids to stay out of the water. “It’s just too rough. I don’t feel comfortable with it.”

The Safety Chief for Orange Beach says there’s been four drownings and 20 rescues so far this year, so the city says it’s closely monitoring the water.

Officials with both cities say there have been no reported water rescues, swimmers in distress, or drownings since the severe storms hit our region this week. A public information officer with the Gulf Shores Fire Department says that’s rare when red flags are up.


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